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We Hire Dedicated & Caring People Who Have Travel & Special Needs Experience!

Looking For A Magical and Exciting Job In The Travel Industry?

Our Agents come from a variance of professional and personal backgrounds. And each of us has experience with a different special need, diagnosis, or disability. But, we love when someone comes to us with a view point we hadn’t considered in our own vacations.

Simply put, we never stop learning about the many wonderful and unique ways there are to successfully tour with a special need or disability. And a great deal of that information is provided by our Travel Consultants who have been to each Disney destination and come back ready for more!

We truly feel there is no wrong way to do Disney, unless you are simply not there to have as much fun as possible. So if you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, or even para-professional who has an unfettered love of Disney on top, we would love to speak with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to have experience selling, marketing, or even managing?
    In a word, No. Is it helpful to have these skills coming into running your own side of the Agency? Sure! But, we can provide support where needed in these avenues. We consider this an opportunity to help others grow their own businesses in step with our brand,while providing a tremendous resource to Guests with Disabilities and Special Needs and we want you to be as successful in this endeavor as possible.
  • What does the position entail?
    You are considered an Independent Agent/Consultant upon hire, you will set your own hours, contribute on a full time or part time status, and responsible to making all of your own client's reservations and addressing their needs. Your clients do not pay for your services, but you will receive a Commission based off the total of your trips booked. You will partner with your clients to make sure that we obtain the best possible price for their vacation, accommodations for their requests, and assist however possible in their touring.
  • Do you have to have experience with Special Needs and/or a Disability?
    We prefer to hire Agents who not only have professional or volunteering experience with Special Needs and Disabilities but also life experience as well. We don’t discriminate our Clients, and there are many that still need to have a fantastic Disney vacation planned who don’t share the specific concerns of a Guest with Disabilities. But, some knowledge and openness to the needs of those in the Special Needs or Disability community is necessary for hiring.
  • Do I Need To Know Disney?
    You will have to have some travel experience to the Disney Theme Parks, Resorts and Cruise Line. Most Guests out there have a home park, so that is understood if you have more experience with one over another. We aren’t asking you to be a walking talking Disney Encyclopedia, but a knowledge and expereience of Disney Travel coming into the role of Independent Travel Agent is expected. We request that you have traveled to the Disney Parks several times over the past decade as a minimum requirement for hiring.

If this sounds like it will work for you and that you have the experience necessary, please click here to contact us!

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