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"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."                                                                    - Walt Disney


We believe our Travel Consultants are simply the best the travel industry can provide for Special Needs Travel and the cares and concerns of the Communities we represent. Each Consultant comes from a personal, professional and/or educational background of a wide array of Disabilities and Needs. We consistenly work together to share our knowledge on a daily basis so that your vacations are overseen by all of our shared experiences simultaneously and we consistently remain present in the Disney Travel Community especially as it pertains to Special Needs Travel.  

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You can rest assured that no matter your need our Consultants will bring expertise, compassion, and a consistent need for perfection to your Disney Vacation Plans. 

We have hundreds of trips under our belts and alwaysstrive to learn more, expand our knowledge and our services available.  We use any communication capabilities at our disposal to work not only with our clients but with eachother so that we remain constantly involved and updated on the plethora of offerings at the Disney destinations.  Comprising several decades of travel to the various Disney destinations on both land and sea.  

We have watched as the theme parks and resorts have continued to grow, the attractions morph and change, and new and exciting offerings come to Guests from Disney every day.  Read below to get to know our Up & Up Travel 'Ohana!  

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Meet the Up & Up Travel Ohana

Amy J. Hughes

Favorite Disney Chracter: Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Park: Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It truly is a one of a kind park experience to be able to walk where Walt walked. The park itself brings you back to the start of it all!
Favorite Attraction: My ultimate favorite attraction ever is Dinsey's The Haunted Mansion. Great effects, story, and music make this attraction a classic for the ages!
Most Successful Tip: Remember that no matter how hard you try, you simply won't see it all. And that's okay. Try to take the parks at your own pace. It's your vacation, relax!
Best Disney Memory: The day I became a Cast Member I will never forget being so tremendously excited when I was informed that I would be working at the Walt Disney World Resort! My first phone call was to my Mammaw and I was on Main Street, U.S.A. I just couldn't contain my tears as I told her that my lifelong dream of working at Disney had come true. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the Magic Kingdom with the knowledge that I was a part of it now as a Cast Member. 

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Adam Hughes

Favorite Disney Chracter: Baloo the Bear from Disney's The Jungle Book
Favorite Park: Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort is my favorite park experience. The World Showcase especially is relaxing and also provides some of the most picturesque spots in the park.
Favorite Attraction: Disney's Pirates of the Carribean
Most Successful Tip: From a Father to a Father, remember you are on vacation and to stay relaxed. Memories are being made on your vacation and no one wants to be remembered as being angry, upset or stressed. Take the day as it comes.
Best Disney Memory: Going to Dapper Days at the Disneyland Park was a fun experience to have with my family. 

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Ofelia Santamaria

Favorite Disney Chracter: Minnie Mouse
Favorite Park: Disney's Magic Kingdom 
Favorite Attraction: Big Thunder Mountain or Radiator Springs Racers
Most Successful Tip: Don't rush during your vacation. Maximize your time by planning to do the things you feel you "must" do and everything else will feel like an added bonus. 
Best Disney Memory: Watching my kids reaction when we walked into Disney's Magic Kingdom and especially seeing how big Cinderella Castle was!                                                              

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Jen Grandmaison

Favorite Disney Chracter: Mickey Mouse
Favorite Park: The Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort
Favorite Attraction: Peter Pan's Flight
Most Successful Tip: Rain is frequent and sometimes unpredictable in Florida so don't let a wet day spoil your day in the park. Come prepared with ponchos and tough out the storm. There are plenty of attractions that stay open even during some crazy storms but take advantage of the fact that many people will exit the park and you can still enjoy the day, even if you are a little wet. 
Best Disney Memory: Surprising my daughter for her 5th birthday by spending a week in Walt Disney World. Being in Magic Kingdom the day she turned 5 was amazing. 

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Tom Henry, Jr.

Favorite Character: The big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse!
Favorite Park: The Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort
Favorite Attraction: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Most Successful Tip: Try not to over plan your trip! Know what the park hours are and be spontaneous. Remember..... you are on vacation! 
Best Disney Memory: During the last day of my 60th Birthday Trip in 2010, we were shopping in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom before our return to our resort for our Magical Express pickup. While checking out the Main Street Orchestra marched down main street and stopped right in front of the Emporium to do their little show and we just had to stop, watch and listen. At the end of their show they marched towards the train station playing my all time favorite song, The Mickey Mouse Club March and my wife and I marched down Main Street behind them. It brought happy tears to this old guy. 

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Jesse Stephenson

Favorite Character:  Has to be Goofy, someone who tries his best to do what is best for himself and his friends, but ends up messing things up. Yet everything (usually) works out in the end.
Favorite Park:  Disneyland Park. It’s the park that started it all, it’s the park where Walt walked and slept, and it’s the park I first experienced the wonder of Disney Magic.
Favorite Attraction:  There is no one answer for this; it depends on the day, and who I am with. It might be It’s a Small World one day, it could be Splash Mountain the next day, and it could be the Tram from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure to Downtown Disney because it means I’m going to the park.
Most Successful Tip:  Keep a flexible attitude in the parks. On occasion the stand by line wait time outweighs the FastPass return time, take the FastPass and ride something else in the area, come back at the return time.
Best Disney Memory:  One New Year’s Eve I experienced the most amazing Disney Magic ever at Disenyland. I was on a triple date; we were in Fantasyland when one of us realized a cell phone was lost while we were riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad; the two other guys left and I remained with my date and theirs.  The four of us were standing by King Arthur’s Carousel when one of the girls stated “I wish the line for Peter Pan wasn’t so long.” A Cast Member, Manny, walked by and said “It’s not long at all, follow me!” He led us past the line and up the exit ramp, where the ride operator stated “Look at Manny making Magic happen!” We got put on the ride right away, and Manny met us as we exited.  He asked if we wanted to ride Alice in Wonderland, and then led us up the exit there as well.  When we exited the Catepillar he looked at us and wished a Happy New Year and left us.  We then met up with the two other men and learned they had found the cell phone.

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Laura Hamm

Favorite Disney Character: I am a big fan of Tigger. I still bounce with him every trip :D
Favorite Park: I love Epcot, all the food and the beautiful surroundings makes my whole trip magical.
Favorite Attraction: Its a draw between the Winnie the Pooh ride, and It's a Small World. Both make me feel like a kid again.
Most Successful Tip: Know your limits! If you are the type of person who needs 9 hours sleep every night you need to make sure that you get that sleep. Same with making sure you eat as often as you need to. Your trip will not be a magical memory if you spend your time feeling sick because you did not take care of yourself or your family.
Most Magical Memory: For our second trip we surprised our kids with the trip. they had been asking to go back to Disney World for months, and had no clue what we had planned. Watching them light up and get so excited once they saw where we were just made my year.

Ronna Larsen


Favorite Disney Character:  Tinkerbell - She’s fun and feisty!

Favorite Disney Park:  Magic Kingdom - It’s where it all began.  I feel like a kid again, every time I walk down Main Street.

Favorite Disney Attraction:  It’s a tie between Tower of Terror & Haunted Mansion.  I just love the effects and details of these rides.

Most Successful Tip:  Take time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy all the details.

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